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Biryani and Rice Dishes

Biryani Dishes Preparation of Basmati Rice, onions green peppers, lightly spiced, garnished with hard boield egg, tomatoo and cucumbers. served with a vegetable curry sauce. Chicken Tikka Biryani £9.95 Meat Tikka Biryani £10.80 Chicken Biryani £9.95 King Prawn Biryani £11.50 Prawn Biryani £8.90 Vegetable Biryani £8.95 Mushroom Biryani £8.95 Mixed Biryani £10.90 Prepared with chicken, […]


Traditional Favourites

Dish Name Chicken Meat or mixed veg Chicken Tikka or Meat Tikka Mince meat Prwan or Fish King Prwan Balti Dishes £6.70 £7.80 £7.10 £7.30 £11.20 Prepared with fresh onion, green pepper, tomatoes, fresh herbs, ghee & balti spices giving a rich taste. Bhuna Dishes £5.90 £7.80 £7.10 £7.80 £11.20 (medium)bhuna dishes are cooked with […]