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Bread and Sundries

Tandoori Bread Plain Nan £2.0 Vegetable Nan- stuffed with mixed vegetables £2.50 Garlic Nan- stuffed with fresh garlic £2.50 Keema Nan – Stuffed with minced meat £2.50 Peshwari Nan – £2.50 stuffed with almond,coconut and sultanas Cheese & Garlic Nan £2.90 Stuffed with cheese and fresh garlic Chicken , chilli & Cheese Nan £2.90 Plain […]


Vegetable Side Dishes

These are not full dishes but served as supporting variety of delicacies to enhance the main course Motor or saag Panir £3.45 Saag Dall or Saag alloo £3.45 Dall Samber £3.45 Aloo gobi- potato & cauliflower £3.45 Bindi or Brinjal Bhajee £3.45 Aloo peas-potato & peas £3.45 Mixed vegetable curry £3.45 Bombay potato-spiced potato £3.45 […]