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House Specials

Item Price CHICKEN TIKKA MALI £10.95 Chicken cooked in tandoor, prepared with butter, coconuts, mango and fresh cream in mild spices, garnished with almond power giving a rich taste CHICKEN or MEAT AMLI LYCHEE £10.95 A very fruity dish prepared with Mango, lychees, fresh cream, coconuts and almonds in mild spices AKBAR SPECIAL PASSANDA £12.80 […]


Tandoori Specialities

Prepared and marinated in a special way cooked in tandoor Item Price CHICKEN TIKKA MAIN £10.50 MEAT TIKKA MAIN £11.95 TANDOORI CHICKEN MAIN £10.50 TANDOORI LAM CHOPS MAIN £12.90 CHICKEN SHASHLICK MAIN £11.90 Chicken marinated in yoghurt with aromatic spices, grilled with tomatoes, capsicum and onion. served with salad MEAT SHASHLICK MAIN £12.70 Meat marinated […]



Item Price ONION BHAJI (2) £3.65 CHICKEN CHAT £3.95 CHICKEN TANDOORI £5.10 Chicken on the bone, marinated in yoghurt cooked with herbs and spices MEAT TIKKA £5.50 GARLIC MUSHROOM £3.95 SPICY FISHCAKE £5.55 HOT CHICKEN PUREE £4.95 Cooked with fresh herbs & onion, served with chapati MEAT PUREE £5.50 Serverd with chapiti PRAWN PUREE BHUNA […]