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Bread and Sundries

Tandoori Bread Leavened bread baked in clay oven PLAIN NAN £3.10 VEGETABLE NAN £3.50 Stuffed with mixed veg GARLIC NAN £3.50 KULCHA NAN £3.50 Stuffed with onion, peppers, garlic KEEMA NAN £3.50 Stuffed with mincemeat PESHWARI NAN £3.50 Stuffed with almonds, coconuts, sultanas CHEESE & GARLIC NAN £3.50 CHICKEN CHILLI & CHEESE NAN £4.95 PLAIN […]


English Dishes

CHICKEN NUGGEST & CHIPS £7.95 CHICKEN & CHEESE OMELETTE WITH CHIPS £7.95 SIRLION STEAK £12.50 Serverd with chips, fried mushrooms, onions, peas, tomatoes


Vegetable Side Dishes

There are not full dishes but served as supporting variety of delicious to enhance the main course meal Item Price MOTOR PANIR OR SAAG PANIR £5.95 SAAG DALL OR SAAG ALOOR £4.00 DALL SAMBA £4.00 Lentil and veg. fairly hot ALOO GOBI OR CAULIFLOWER £4.00 BHINDI OR BRINJAL BHAJEE £4.00 Aubergine BOMBAY ALOO OR SAAG […]